Every year Davina and Yudu get together and work on their vision board. This year APAN hosted the vision board party with family and friends at our offices in the Atlanta, Georgia area.

The power of a vision board is it gives you something to look at and remind you of your goals and purpose (Your why). From relationships to financial goals, it’s important we are honest with ourselves when crafting our vision boards.

By sharing your vision board with others, it helps create accountability for your actions throughout the year. This can be scary, but we have seen the power of sharing your goals with others in real life!

The beauty of a vision board is you don’t have to wait until the 1st of the month or 1st of the year to put one together. So if you don’t have a vision board, start one today and if you need an accountability partner hit us up and we will be right there for you APAN fam!

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