This 3 part episode was full of emotion. We laughed and we cried. Everyone opened up about things that have never been discussed outside of our significant others things that we’ve only discussed with ourselves, alone in a dark room. LOL 

Not only did Vee and AD ask questions, but the fam also got in on asking questions to each other. It was a great cousin’s night out.

This episode also holds a weird but special place in my (Vee’s) heart.

I’m going to tell you a little story about how the people in your life aren’t there by accident but by design.

Three years ago, we received an invite to the Forever Duncan wedding. October 1st of 2016, and unfortunately, but also, fortunately, we didn’t attend. See, my brother was turning 45 and was having a party in WV. I didn’t know it at the time, but this would be his last birthday that we spent together.

The day that we recorded this episode, I received a call from my brother’s wife stating that he had died in a car accident. The was July 5th, 2019. Why is any of this so significant?

10/1 = Sherrel & Black (Alfred) Duncan’s anniversary
10/1 = My brother Freddie’s birthday

7/5 = Interview date with Sherrell & Black for this episode
7/5 = The day my brother died in a car accident.

Not to mention the whole episode, I was staring at Mo, thinking how much he looks like my brother. Then the call comes in, and I am absent for the remainder of the episode.

*DISCLAIMER* You may hear somethings that you feel are questionable. You may hear some words that you do not like and that might even offend you. But if you think about it, there is nothing worse than our president right now so I think you’ll be ok. IJS

Listen! Laugh! Love! 

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