This episode is very serious, and for some reason, we laugh through the whole episode. Jake is an Italian-Jew from New Jersey. Ashley is an African American from Richmond, VA. 

They take us down memory lane on how they met and how Ashley stalked Jake for about 3 years. Yes, 3 YEARS!!! Ashley wanted to come and work at House Studios with Jake

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I was like NO because she was super cute and stuff


Code-switching is a thing. Going into a different culture sometimes you feel like you have to change it up to fit in.

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He just doesn’t like putting on lotion, and that was like the biggest thing. 
Everyone was like what’s the difference? Everything’s the same except he just doesn’t wear lotion.


When dating bringing anyone home can be a challenge. It’s your parents’ job, right, and duty to embarrass you, ask a million questions, and act like complete fools. So the question is what’s the best time to introduce someone new to the family? Thanksgiving seems like the most logical answer.   

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In the end, Love will always WIN! 

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