Happy Mother’s Day!!! We discovered that Hennessy and Ciroc are made from grapes. So there is a “Wine” for everyone. 

Mother’s Day is coming up and we asked a group of mothers a few questions about mothering. Thanks to all who participated. What is your self-care regime? What was your funniest/most embarrassing moment as a mother? What is your hiding place? Every mother has one! If you could give up one “Mommy Duty” what would it be? What were you going to name your child and where did they get their name from? *BONUS If your child/children were stranded on an island what skills have you taught them to survive?

We had a great time listening to all of the answers and laughing out loud!

We are having a GIVE AWAY for some special moms! Make sure you head over to @apodcastabout on IG for full instructions

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Listen, Laugh, and Love! 

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