A boy/man is expected to explore the world, sow his wild oats, and bring home the bacon. A girl/woman is expected to wait till she’s married, have children and then cook the bacon. DOUBLE STANDARDS is something that we are all guilty of. 

On today’s episode we explore some of these double standards and ones that we agree with and the ones we say “F” you to.

The messy home is something that is acceptable for a man but not for a woman, but a dirty bathroom isn’t acceptable for anyone.

Skip to: 12:13

I know a dude is clean if I go in his bathroom and behind his toilet is clean. That area SCARES me!


Who is supposed to play what role in a relationship. The man works so hard so the woman should have the house clean. But what happens when you marry someone who doesn’t know how to clean. 

Weight – Men are buff and women are FAT

Skip to: 22:38

All the women in ATL are thick as hell. Saw a shorty the other day and she was white white and she was thick as hell.

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