Hey y’all it our final episode of the season. Don’t worry you will still see a lot of us!!! We have some amazing things going on and we are so excited!!! 

On Today’s episode we discuss living your best life and what it means to the both of us. 

We sing, we scream because we are wrapping up Season 1!!!! We would like to think our mothers, the peanut gallery, and the village. 

AD explains Jeju to Vee: 

Skip to: 5:22

Just hairy bushes everywhere. Like mom butts jiggling everywhere!


Realizing that age does not make you change your ways. Changing your mindset, wanting the change, and then making the change. 

Skip to: 11:45

I was actually one of those people when I was younger, I was like “The way I feel in my 20s just doesn’t feel right. I feel like I am going to feel normal again in my 30s. I’m getting closer to 30 and if 30 comes and I don’t feel different I will air this whole b!t*H out.


We talk about a game called Catch n’ Fart. Listen in to see who plays and how you play. This will definitely help you win an argument

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