BLACK PEOPLE Ooooooooooooo BLACK PEOPLE Ooooooooooooooo! 

*Disclaimer Disclaimer Disclaimer******* TODAYS EPISODE IS ONLY FOR ADULTS!!! We talk about SEX! Ewwwwwwww… Although it’s literally how we all got here and your children probably watch porn under the bleachers with the little white boy named Billy whos father collects porn magazines. IJS 

When you are an interracial couple, there are so many things that you must discuss. Does your family season their food? Are we going to name our child “Jacob” or “Day-Quan”, “Anna-Beth” or “Shaquanna”? Most importantly, how are we going to raise our kids in today’s society? What school will they attend? Culture and their heritage.

What does “Black Love” mean? Is it important? Why is it important? 

In this week’s episode, we sit with The Duncans and The McCalahans and discuss what it means to be Black, Happy and Married! 

Yall should see the way they look at each other. These two couples really love respect and cherish one another. 

Do you believe that your partner is your soulmate?

Skip to: 8:34

“I’ve never had a connection like this in my life  and I praise it and cherish it is so valuable to me that I will never give anyone the time to even experience that.  I wouldn’t give myself any kind of room to find out if somebody else is my soulmate because I found the one.” ~ Black

During this interview, I believe that Sherelle almost cried about 3 times! 

Were you looking for marriage before you got into a relationship?

Skip to: 11:54

I was looking for marriage when I was 21. I almost made a terrible mistake. ~ MoBetta

How many of us got into a relationship and kept it going longer than it needed to go? How many of us have been engaged, had kids, gave our bodies and damn near our souls to a situation that wasn’t healthy? WE ALL HAVE. BUT IT’S SO AMAZING TO LOVE AND BE LOVED IN RETURNED! 

The openness, the love, the choice to consistently to choose each other is something that can not be moved.  

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