The level of comfort that people feel with us is such a blessing. It is the best thing about APAN, and we want to thank every one of our family members (you are not a guest on our show you are family) for feeling safe enough to talk about things that they wouldn’t normally talk about. We also want to thank you for allowing us to feel safe enough to have the conversation and to ask those questions and to laugh with you. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS!!

Pt.2 with Duncan’s and the McClanaha’s. We get a little more serious touching on being vulnerable with your partner. Black and Sherelle get into a disagreement on the show. Sherelle won but we could be bias. Listen in and tell us who you think won. 

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Sherrell vs. Black. Who will take home the medal? 

Black love isn’t just about being in an intimate relationship it’s about being there for your brother and sister crying for them and with them when they are happy and when they are sad. 

We wanted to know why is it so important to label our love as “Black Love”. 

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“It’s important for young men to know it is ok to be emotionally available to a young woman, to be open and honest with her and that doesn’t make you soft, it doesn’t make you any less of a man, it makes you more of a man.” ~ Adrian 


This has two meanings. Black schools us on the double meaning behind this movement! 

Monogamy!!! Oh lord! HERE WE GO!!!! Do we believe in it? Is this still a thing? Vee says somethings that will raise some eyebrows and have people wondering what’s going on. HAHAHA Shhhhhh, what happens on the internet stays on the internet. 

Again we thank you all for listening, giving feedback, & sharing. For laughing with us, for opening up with us, for loving us!

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*DISCLAIMER* You may hear somethings that you feel are questionable. You may hear some words that you do not like and that might even offend you. But if you think about it, there is nothing worse than our president right now so I think you’ll be ok. IJS

Listen! Laugh! Love! 

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