I first want to thank everyone for their kind words, love, and support as we journey through the loss of my brother. ~ Vee

You all loved the last five episodes and we received a lot of feedback and questions so we are going to continue the conversation. 

We as black people have become extremely aware of the climate in the USA. What is the difference between being “woke” and too damn sensitive? 

Ep.023 – Ep.25 Black, Married & Happy – How long do you wait for someone to see the potential that you see in them and then for them to live in their potential. 

Mo Betta was not playing any games he said that he would never be with anyone that drinks alcohol? What will make you leave a marriage?

For AD it’s finding out that your significant other is a rapist and for Vee its if she finds out if her significant other is a child molester or watched child porn. 

We want to hear your answers so please leave us a message on Anchor. 

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