You have artists like Davido , or David , Butna Boy , Manny Wellz and Foggy Raw.

Coming from the motherland to the land of the free, Manny Wellz and Foggy Raw take a dive into what their transition to America  was like at a young age.

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I remember almost being kidnapped. It’s crazy, you know Quest Love the drummer? I always have a bad image of Quest Love because the guy looked like Quest Love

Foggie Raw

Inspired by their surroundings , they chose career paths that are deemed not so fruitful .

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I told my mom that my younger sister was about to graduate from high school and that you could barely pay for my stuff. I have to leave. 


But against all odds they have become extremely successful . From winning GRAMMY awards, being placed in major publications to now being able to sit down with APAN, they are not only living the American dream but the Universal dream.

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